Vinyl Blind Store

Vinyl Blind is part of, which also owns and operates An early internet pioneer, first coming online in August of 1997, the business was founded by David Tweeddale, a business entrepreneur who has over 34 years in the interior decorating business. The Vinyl Blind Store brings you the best quality blinds at the best price to the online consumer. The Vinyl Blind Store has a very extensive window blind line in a wide variety of sizes that are in stock and ready to ship, as well as offering blinds in custom sizes made to customers exact specifications.

The parent company, Interior Purchasing Inc. started in March of 1985, is a leading design firm and purveyor of unique quality decorating products in the regional area as well as selling goods across the nation and internationally. Interior decorating projects range from private homes to banks, car dealerships, hotels, hospitals, national restaurant chains, major living complexes and more. The Interior Purchasing team has grown to be a trusted name in the interior decorating business.

Corporate Offices
1004 22nd Street
Barling, AR 72923

Phone: (800) 590-5844
Office: 479-434-6780
Fax: 479-452-3092

Dun & Bradstreet: #12-219-2057
Established: 03/24/85