2" Vinyl Mini Blinds

Actual Blind Width Will Be 1/2" Less Than Shown
Length: Actual Length

2 inch vinyl mini blind

2" Vinyl Mini Blinds

These 2" vinyl mini blinds offer a metal head rail and a vinyl bottom rail. The 2" pvc slats on these vinyl blinds are room darkening for added privacy and light control. The slats of the 2" Vinyl Blinds are static resistant and won't warp or crack. A plastic wand for tilting the slats is included along with braided polyester cords for raising and lowering. The mounting brackets are made of painted steel and come with a center support bracket for blinds wide enough to need them. A single slat 2" custom valance is also included to complete the finished look. All necessary hardware is included for the installation of these vinyl blinds. These 2" vinyl blinds are a great choice for homeowners and contractors on a limited budget who want an updated modern look and are available in white and alabaster. Please make special note that all widths are actually 1/2" less than shown to allow for inside mounting. If additional amounts need to be taken off for a custom fit these blinds have great width cut down capabilities with the lengths also being easy to shorten with easy to understand directions included in the box. Heights are exactly as shown.

How to Measure Your 2" Vinyl Blinds
Installation Instructions for 2" Vinyl Blinds

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w x 36" Long w x 42" Long w x 48" Long w x 54" Long w x 60" Long w x 64" Long w x 68" Long w x 72" Long w x 84" Long
16x36 23x42 23x48 23x54 16x60 23x64 25x68 11x72 12x84
19x36 28x42 24x48 24x54 19x60 29x64   17x72 29x84
23x36   25x48 28x54 22x60 30x64   19x72 30x84
25x36   26x48 28.5x54 23x60 32x64   23x72 31x84
27x36   27x48 29x54 24x60 34x64   24x72 34x84
28.5x36   28x48 32x54 26x60 36x64   25x72 39x84
29x36   29x48 36x54 27x60 45x64   26x72 43x84
30x36   30x48 39x54 28x60 46x64   27x72 48x84
31x36   31x48 42x54 28.5x60 52x64   28x72 52x84
32x36   34x48 51x54 29x60 59x64   28.5x72 54x84
34x36   34.5x48   30x60 70x64   29x72 60x84
34.5x36   35x48   31x60 72x64   30x72 63x84
35x36   35.5x48   33x60 73x64   31x72 66x84
36x36   36x48   34x60     32x72 69x84
44.5x36   39x48   34.5x60     33x72 72x84
45x36   42x48   35x60     34x72  
46x36   43x48   36x60     34.5x72  
46.5x36   45x48   38x60     35x72  
47x36   46x48   40x60     36x72  
58x36   46.5x48   43x60     39x72  
59x36   47x48   44.5x60     40x72  
66x36   48x48   45x60     42x72  
70x36   51x48   46x60     43x72  
71x36   57x48   46.5x60     45x72  
72x36   58x48   47x60     46x72  
    58.5x48   48x60     46.5x72  
    59x48   58x60     47x72  
    60x48   58.5x60     48x72  
    63x48   59x60     52x72  
    66x48   60x60     54x72  
    69x48   62x60     57x72  
    70x48   66x60     58x72  
    70.5x48   70x60     58.5x72  
    71x48   70.5x60     59x72  
    72x48   71x60     60x72  
    95x48   72x60     61x72  
        75x60     62x72  
        90x60     63x72  
        95x60     70x72  
Blinds can be cut to custom width. Call for more information.
Blind lengths can be easily shortened - directions included in box.
Minimum Order 1 Blind
Order by the case for additional savings.